Encouraging new ideas, methods, and developments to progress knowledge and technology. 

Working together to address concerns and achieve common goals.

Leading expansion into unpopulated areas and renovating and restoring decaying regions.


The O’Neil Group Company is redefining the landscape of modern business and innovation in the Colorado Springs area. We have successfully built or facilitated the acquisition of dozens of companies across multiple business sectors in order to invigorate the downtown community and the local economy.


Currently we own, manage or consult with over 35 companies in the Front Range. See below for our latest and greatest:


To create a community in which like-minded individuals can come together, share ideas, innovate, enrich the community and achieve common goals. All things are better together. 

The O'Neil Group Company is a real estate investment, property management and development company with a passion for community growth and a proven track record of success.


The vibrancy and health of our community is our number one priority. One of The O’Neil Group’s missions is to foster economic development, invigorate the downtown Colorado Springs business corridor and improve quality of life within its boundaries by supporting existing businesses, attracting new ones, and creating a safe, stable and flourishing business environment.

We listen to community concerns, work with our partners and professionals to create an idea that will end in success, collaborate, and then implement.


We work with developers, city planners, engineers, architects, project managers, and highly skilled construction crews to achieve our goals. We have invested time and resources into small businesses, academic partners, government partners, workforce development teams, start-ups, business resource partners, and non-profits.

Invest in OGC to invest in your community.

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